Titan Blur

Episode 008: Permutations


Start with a battle against a 00 “Tortoise” and “Ithaqua” types, plus lots of “Dactyl” for the the MACH 2 suits. Mac, in Kip’s old Titan, neatly totals it in battle, getting into a fist fight with the Ithaqua, while the titan is made for long distance weapons. Team works together to take down the Ithaqua.

A huge 00 artifact – the Spindle, a very tall staff object with runes all over it – falls out of the portal. Green goes to grab it and gets sucked away, unknowingly. Isabelle follows after. They see a glimpse of an alien world and return with data.

After the battle, Mac gets drunk. Isabelle gets Pain Train to help get the Tortoise armor and puts it onto Mac’s Titan without permission.They add the tortoise shell as a viking type shield. Mac sees it and gets mad, taking a swing at Isabelle, throwing up and passing out at the base of the Titan. She gets dragged to the brig.

Next morning, Green gets Mac out of the brig and puts her to work with the techs cleaning the flight deck.

Kip and Green meet with suit techs from Intex (“slab-coats”) about 00 armor Isabelle improvised. Kyra talks Mac into accepting the armor.

Green and Isabelle go in for debriefing of alien world – mostly reliving the experience unpleasantly.

Mac is approached by the “slab-coats” about becoming a public figure/icon in her new armor. She gets Kip’s help in finding a good agent at the competitor agency of Pain Train.

Kip, Green and Col. Gilman talk about how to move the staff artifact. The Titans move the staff onto the ship.

Mac challenges Pain Train to single hand to hand combat to deal with his over-the-top attitude and her dislike of him. She beats him into unconsciousness.

It’s all seen by Capt. Nigel Gibson, the son of the Colonel who is around to justify his existence and question the team’s abilities/membership.



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