Titan Blur

Episode 003: The Value of Teamwork

Ep 003

Start in the middle of a training exercise three days after the last game. The platoon has six mech suits and need to get the weapons cache from the drones guarding it. Lani directs everyone to the assault location. Dimitri and Isabelle act as distractions in the middle. Kyra and Mac take on the left. Lani and Kip take the right.

Isabelle accidentally runs off the end of the ridge and falls right into the main building with twelve drones activating.

Dimitri pulls two off the four that chase after Isabelle who runs out of the building. Kyra kills one with a rock. Mac kills three in one shot by pushing a huge boulder at them. Lani and Kip take out one each.

The battle continues. More drones show up. Everyone goes for weapons and starts killing more drones. Isabelle has a malfunction and is a “casualty.” The platoon wins.

Back on the base, Isabelle gets hassled for being a “casualty.”

Kip gets the call from the corporation. They want him to get details about the new titan software that may have been stolen corp tech.

Lani gets news that the squadron gets moved forward to titan training.

Dimitri is asked by Lt. Blaine to get another mechanic to help maintain the new titans. Dimitri asks Isabelle, who agrees.

Isabelle gets the nickname “Choke.”

Mac calls her brother to get 20-30 pounds of good meat to barbecue for the platoon.

Lani tells the squad about beginning the advance titan training, with everyone getting one drink each.

The end.


“You fell off the roof!”

“Everyone drop and give me twenty.”
“Do I have to get out of the MACH suit for this?”

“I think the drones are smarter than Bravo Platoon.”

“Somewhere in the desert is a beagle’s lonely grave.”



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