Titan Classifications

The official classification system for all Titan military assets currently in use by the UMA:

MACH: Mobile Accelerated Combat Harness, a 2-meter powered armor suit with a variety of armaments.
MACH-2: Mobile Accelerated Combat Harness Mark 2, with improved armor and limited flight capabilities.
B-Class: A smaller class of Titans (roughly 30m in height), with a single pilot.
A1-Class: The “full-size” Titans (50-60m in height) with a single pilot.
A2-Class: The “full-size” Titans (50-60m in height) with two pilots and Drift capabilities.

Player Character Titans

Titans piloted by Blackheart Squadron:

Chosen Toucan

Class: Blackhawk
Pilot: Dmitri Baradin
Weapons 3: Seagull Missile Flock
Armor 2: Featherweight Enamel Scales
Defense 2: Linked Talon Gauntlets

Tudor Ice

Class: Old Republic
Pilot: Mackenzie Stewart
Weapons 1: Quantum Beam Cannon
Armor 1: Rubbermade Durasteel Electoplastic Armor Plating
Defense 1: Kick it back to green defense sistem

Hostile Takeover

Class: Dornier Excalibur
Pilot: Kip Pierpont
Weapons 3: Finger of God Over-the-Horizon Sniper Cannon
Armor 1: Duranium Reactive Plating
Defense 1: Stealth-ocalypse 2000 Signature Masking Unit

Hakuna Matata

Class: Phobos
Pilot: Laney Green
Weapon 1: Bottomless mini-missile launcher
Armor 1: Photoreactive plating
Defense 1: Spot-on targeting

Vinda Negro

Class: Hephaestos
Pilot: Isabella Cortez
Weapon 1: Micro-Nuke Gauss Gatling
Armor 1: Depleted Einsteinium
Defense 1: Unphased Microtube Analog Systems


Class: Galactic
Pilot: Kyra Umbringer
Weapon 2: Rapid-Fire Sniper Gun
Armor 1: Heavy Plating


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