These are the guiding principles / aspects of the Titan Blur storyline, and should inform much of what goes on during the game. Fulfilling these directives gives the GM Fate points to give out to the players.

Being a Titan Pilot is Awesome
For real, you’re piloting a giant robot! And that is super-cool! The story is, first and foremost, about doing awesome things. You’re the last line of defense between humanity and its extermination, with all the responsibility that entails.

Sometimes the Choices Aren’t Easy
Being in a war means making difficult choices, and sometimes means sacrifice… of good people, of relationships, maybe even of moral codes. Not every choice is as easy as punching a monster in the face.

But Sometimes Violence Solves Problems
You don’t always have to talk it out. Sometimes you can go ahead and punch someone in the face to get something done. Humanity is in a war, and passions run high.

Everyone Has Reasons
No one is exactly what they seem. Everyone has a reason for being who they are, even if their behavior seems stupid, evil, or misguided.

Time is Running Out
Resources are finite, and the 00s are growing more numerous and powerful all the time. Supplies are running short, and though there is still much hope, humanity is on its last legs. 


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