Titan Blur

Episode 001: Welcome to Disappointment

Ep 001

Start with introduction to the characters getting off the planes and onto the bus at the town of Cottencreek heading to Camp MacDonald in western Australia. They meet Sgt. Saunders on the bus who explains that they are Charlie Platoon.

Get into Fort MacDonald (“Camp Disappointment”), heading to the barracks when Kip arrives, in his corporate helicopter. A couple of the new company steal some of the alcohol on the copter and smuggle it into the barracks.

There’s a brief confrontation with a smart ass grunt (Simmons) who pissed off the women with his attitude and got a busted nose for his trouble.

The company head to the Mess for lunch. They see that Bravo Platoon gets the best food, as they are the best Platoon on the base.Keghart from Bravo slaps the food out of Green’s hands because she’s Martian. A huge fight ensues. While it’s going on Mac grabs as much food for Charlie Platoon as possible. Sgt. Saunders breaks up the fight.

The platoon gets together and talk about beating Bravo to win the titans (and the good food). They go out onto the obstacle course (the Boneyard) late that night and test it out, to make sure everyone can pass it. Which everyone does the next morning.

Sgt. Saunders gives the Platoon a task – capture the Bullshit Cup from Bravo’s barracks. And if they can do it without Bravo’s knowledge, bonus. Mac comes up with a plan.

All of Charlie platoon (except for Kip, Sparky, Isabella and Mac) taunt Bravo into chasing them to the Boneyard. Kip, Isabella and Sparky search for the Cup, while Mac watches the door. They find the cup. They leave nasty perfume all over everyone’s clothes and sand in their bunks. Then they turn on the fire suppression system and leave.

At the Boneyard, Bravo surrounds Charlie platoon and it’s not looking good, when Dimitri shows up in the training Titan (the Hail Mary) and scares Bravo into running – flipping them the bird as they flee.

As the rest of Charlie come to the Boneyard and see Bravo running scared, Mac grabs Keghart and cold-cocks him, and because he’s the platoon leader, tells him that if Bravo attacks Charlie again, she will bury the offender. Sparky gives Mac the nickname “SK” for Serial Killer.



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