Titan Blur

Episode 009: The Nesting Place of Vipers


Aboard the Kerberos, Captain Nigel Gibson tells Kyra not to sleep in her Titan, which she has been doing since the first attack (changing up the aspect Stop the Aliens, Stop the Nightmares to My Titan is My Happy Place). Kip Pierpont and Laney Green chat about ways to keep Mac Stewart out of trouble.

Keghart arrives on the Kerberos, having been transferred from Fort Disappointment to Mako Squadron.

The Kerberos delivers the alien “Spindle” artifact to the Leng Facility on the Tibetan Plateau, only to find out the base is being run but Major Marcus Williams, the man responsible for Mac’s original court martial.

Meanwhile, Isabella Cortez negotiates to have the damaged “Hakuna Matata” stripped for parts, and makes friends with the local Titan techs.

After a presentation on the Spindle and some investigation into the Leng facility, suspicions are raised, and everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. Kyra and Mac observe a secret lab in the facility that may include live EDE specimens, and Kip and Laney sit in on a presentation about the “Odysseus Initiative” and the proposed weaponizing of the aliens’ dimensional shunts.

Unfortunately, as they are recreating in the Village, Miranda Stacks informs them that they have been transferred to Leng on the request of Gibson, who is obviously using the influence of his father to get the Blackheart Squadron out of his hair.

Furious, Mac goes to confront Williams. On the way, she is ambushed by some agitators from the Children of Adam cult, but dispatches them with ferocity. She is stopped by the MPs, but is brought before Williams to confront him about her presence on the base. He tells her that the order stands, and then punitively grounds her.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Mac has obtained some secret files on Williams and the Facility, and gives them to Kip for decryption.



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