Titan Blur

Episode 005: First Encounter


“Okay, this is it! This is a hybrid manifestation, meaning there’s a Type 1 and Type 2s in the engagement zone! Burning Chrome and Pain Train are engaging with the Type 1. You are, under no circumstances, to do likewise! They will tear you in half! Our job is to get the civilians in the evacuation convoy to the transport unit! These are Type 2 theropod pack hunters, called Swarmers. They’re fast, they’re smart, and they move in teams. They have limited flight capabilities so watch the high ground. And they’re crafty and mean as shit, so keep an eye on your squad mates at all times. Let’s go!”

The squad fights its first 00 in Jakarta next to Hammerhead Battallion, helping to evacuate civilians while Miranda Stacks and the A-class Titans wrangle the 00.



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