Titan Blur

Episode 002: Proving Grounds

Ep 002

Charlie platoon started the second day on the base with a nice brisk 5k run around the base, while Dimitri went to speak with tech sergeant Blaine about the consequences of “borrowing” his Titan.

Blaine explained how Dimitri will be pounded into hamburger meat if he takes the Hail Mary without permission again, then offered him a job as mechanic, along with vodka.

The rest of Charlie platoon, nearly finished running, were almost ambushed by Bravo, however Mac, Kyra and Lani ran full tilt at Bravo’s leaders, knocked them on their asses and their platoon leader Keghart unconscious with one blow from Mac.

The rest of Bravo ran off, scared of the three women. Mac took the Bravo platoon pin from Keghart. Sgt. Saunders said the next day they would have to fun the race faster, with the slowest time being their fastest runners time.

They met up with Dimitri and headed to lunch. Kip made a stop to visit one of the techs to make sure his VR mech training would emphasize his skills.

After lunch, everyone went in for VR mech training. The top of the class were picked to run a real mechsuit course the next day against Bravo platoon.

That night, before lights-out, Mac paid a visit to Lt. Blaine and asked him to glue the Bravo platoon pin on the top of the flagpole.He agreed to do it for payment, which she got from the booze stash in their barracks,with Lani’s permission.

Isabella was picked for fire watch. While on duty, several members of Bravo platoon grabbed her, knocked her out, and took her to a far off storage shed to beat up on her. She managed to survive their beating and escape back to the barracks, where she woke Mac up.

Mac got Lani and Kyra up to go with her to teach Bravo a lesson. Kip woke up, attempted to dissuade them and went to the Sgt’s barracks.

Mac waited until she thought the others were asleep and went out, Kyra following. Mac found Keghart and two of his Bravo cronies. She tells him to stop one last time and threatens him. Kyra backing her up. They come to a truce – to save it for the competition.

Kip wakes up Sgt. Saunders and talks to her about getting better RV training pods.

The next morning, Mac tells Charlie platoon about the truce, just before remembering what happened to the Bravo platoon pin. The whole base is there. Sgt. Saunders is pissed and comes over to ask who did it. Mac speaks up, but Isabella claims it was her, so does Kyra. Sgt. Saunders rolls her eyes. She names Lani platoon leader and Kip fire watch leader. She reprimands Mac, saying if she weren’t so insubordinate she could be leader.

The top 6 of Charlie suit up for the mechsuit challenge – Capture the flag. Bravo has 6 members, Charlie has 6 members. Bravo has the flag. It’s Charlie platoon’s duty to get the flag back across the start line. The less mechs they loose, the better the score.

Together they devise a plan of attack. Kip & Isabelle will sneak in to gather intel and report it back. Kyra and Mac will be main fighters. Lani and Dimitri will sniper. When they determine the strengths, Isabelle returns to the group. Kip takes cover to wait. Kyra, Mac and Isabelle attack the flag stronghold and defeat 5 of the mechs. Mac grabs the flag and runs. Kip reports 1 ran and 4 more are coming in. Mac diverts away from Kip and leads the pursuing mechs into an ambush where Kyra, Isabelle, Lani and Dimitri flank them. Mac heads to Kip and hands off the flag. He runs straight for the line, when six more mechs are spotted inbound.

The rest of the platoon take on the newcomers as Kip gets the flag over the line and wins. Charlie platoon suffered no losses, while Charlie platoon (all sixteen) are taken out.

As Charlie platoon is bussed back to the barracks, they see huge helicopters bringing in seven shiny new mechs. Sgt. Saunders says that their incentive has just arrived.



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