Titan Blur

Episode 009: The Nesting Place of Vipers


Aboard the Kerberos, Captain Nigel Gibson tells Kyra not to sleep in her Titan, which she has been doing since the first attack (changing up the aspect Stop the Aliens, Stop the Nightmares to My Titan is My Happy Place). Kip Pierpont and Laney Green chat about ways to keep Mac Stewart out of trouble.

Keghart arrives on the Kerberos, having been transferred from Fort Disappointment to Mako Squadron.

The Kerberos delivers the alien “Spindle” artifact to the Leng Facility on the Tibetan Plateau, only to find out the base is being run but Major Marcus Williams, the man responsible for Mac’s original court martial.

Meanwhile, Isabella Cortez negotiates to have the damaged “Hakuna Matata” stripped for parts, and makes friends with the local Titan techs.

After a presentation on the Spindle and some investigation into the Leng facility, suspicions are raised, and everyone wants to leave as soon as possible. Kyra and Mac observe a secret lab in the facility that may include live EDE specimens, and Kip and Laney sit in on a presentation about the “Odysseus Initiative” and the proposed weaponizing of the aliens’ dimensional shunts.

Unfortunately, as they are recreating in the Village, Miranda Stacks informs them that they have been transferred to Leng on the request of Gibson, who is obviously using the influence of his father to get the Blackheart Squadron out of his hair.

Furious, Mac goes to confront Williams. On the way, she is ambushed by some agitators from the Children of Adam cult, but dispatches them with ferocity. She is stopped by the MPs, but is brought before Williams to confront him about her presence on the base. He tells her that the order stands, and then punitively grounds her.

Unbeknownst to everyone, Mac has obtained some secret files on Williams and the Facility, and gives them to Kip for decryption.

Episode 008: Permutations


Start with a battle against a 00 “Tortoise” and “Ithaqua” types, plus lots of “Dactyl” for the the MACH 2 suits. Mac, in Kip’s old Titan, neatly totals it in battle, getting into a fist fight with the Ithaqua, while the titan is made for long distance weapons. Team works together to take down the Ithaqua.

A huge 00 artifact – the Spindle, a very tall staff object with runes all over it – falls out of the portal. Green goes to grab it and gets sucked away, unknowingly. Isabelle follows after. They see a glimpse of an alien world and return with data.

After the battle, Mac gets drunk. Isabelle gets Pain Train to help get the Tortoise armor and puts it onto Mac’s Titan without permission.They add the tortoise shell as a viking type shield. Mac sees it and gets mad, taking a swing at Isabelle, throwing up and passing out at the base of the Titan. She gets dragged to the brig.

Next morning, Green gets Mac out of the brig and puts her to work with the techs cleaning the flight deck.

Kip and Green meet with suit techs from Intex (“slab-coats”) about 00 armor Isabelle improvised. Kyra talks Mac into accepting the armor.

Green and Isabelle go in for debriefing of alien world – mostly reliving the experience unpleasantly.

Mac is approached by the “slab-coats” about becoming a public figure/icon in her new armor. She gets Kip’s help in finding a good agent at the competitor agency of Pain Train.

Kip, Green and Col. Gilman talk about how to move the staff artifact. The Titans move the staff onto the ship.

Mac challenges Pain Train to single hand to hand combat to deal with his over-the-top attitude and her dislike of him. She beats him into unconsciousness.

It’s all seen by Capt. Nigel Gibson, the son of the Colonel who is around to justify his existence and question the team’s abilities/membership.

Episode 007: The War at Home


Iveta talks with Dmitri about Svetlana. Pain Train “breaks up” with Mac after a night of Thirst Blaster-fueled passion. Jiro has insights for Kyra during Titan arm recalibration training. Kip meets Chyler Martens, makes a deal to securely transmit the Titan specs to Universal Dynamic. 00s attack Fort McDonald, and the team works together to defeat a new kind of 00 as it emerges from a Gap in Australia.

Episode 006: Aftershock


Some post-battle downtime aboard the Kerberos. Mac is challenged to a duel by Barrett. Isabella tries to set up Dmitri with a woman who turns out to be Svetlana’s sister, Iveta. Kip pursues submitting telemetry data to his corporation. Mac is romanced by “Pain Train” and the group plays a game of “Titan Ball” in the hangar bay. Green is promoted and the squad is officially transferred to Hammerhead Battalion.

Episode 005: First Encounter


“Okay, this is it! This is a hybrid manifestation, meaning there’s a Type 1 and Type 2s in the engagement zone! Burning Chrome and Pain Train are engaging with the Type 1. You are, under no circumstances, to do likewise! They will tear you in half! Our job is to get the civilians in the evacuation convoy to the transport unit! These are Type 2 theropod pack hunters, called Swarmers. They’re fast, they’re smart, and they move in teams. They have limited flight capabilities so watch the high ground. And they’re crafty and mean as shit, so keep an eye on your squad mates at all times. Let’s go!”

The squad fights its first 00 in Jakarta next to Hammerhead Battallion, helping to evacuate civilians while Miranda Stacks and the A-class Titans wrangle the 00.

Episode 004: Milestones


The crew completes their training and picks out their Titans.

Episode 003: The Value of Teamwork

Ep 003

Start in the middle of a training exercise three days after the last game. The platoon has six mech suits and need to get the weapons cache from the drones guarding it. Lani directs everyone to the assault location. Dimitri and Isabelle act as distractions in the middle. Kyra and Mac take on the left. Lani and Kip take the right.

Isabelle accidentally runs off the end of the ridge and falls right into the main building with twelve drones activating.

Dimitri pulls two off the four that chase after Isabelle who runs out of the building. Kyra kills one with a rock. Mac kills three in one shot by pushing a huge boulder at them. Lani and Kip take out one each.

The battle continues. More drones show up. Everyone goes for weapons and starts killing more drones. Isabelle has a malfunction and is a “casualty.” The platoon wins.

Back on the base, Isabelle gets hassled for being a “casualty.”

Kip gets the call from the corporation. They want him to get details about the new titan software that may have been stolen corp tech.

Lani gets news that the squadron gets moved forward to titan training.

Dimitri is asked by Lt. Blaine to get another mechanic to help maintain the new titans. Dimitri asks Isabelle, who agrees.

Isabelle gets the nickname “Choke.”

Mac calls her brother to get 20-30 pounds of good meat to barbecue for the platoon.

Lani tells the squad about beginning the advance titan training, with everyone getting one drink each.

The end.


“You fell off the roof!”

“Everyone drop and give me twenty.”
“Do I have to get out of the MACH suit for this?”

“I think the drones are smarter than Bravo Platoon.”

“Somewhere in the desert is a beagle’s lonely grave.”

Episode 002: Proving Grounds

Ep 002

Charlie platoon started the second day on the base with a nice brisk 5k run around the base, while Dimitri went to speak with tech sergeant Blaine about the consequences of “borrowing” his Titan.

Blaine explained how Dimitri will be pounded into hamburger meat if he takes the Hail Mary without permission again, then offered him a job as mechanic, along with vodka.

The rest of Charlie platoon, nearly finished running, were almost ambushed by Bravo, however Mac, Kyra and Lani ran full tilt at Bravo’s leaders, knocked them on their asses and their platoon leader Keghart unconscious with one blow from Mac.

The rest of Bravo ran off, scared of the three women. Mac took the Bravo platoon pin from Keghart. Sgt. Saunders said the next day they would have to fun the race faster, with the slowest time being their fastest runners time.

They met up with Dimitri and headed to lunch. Kip made a stop to visit one of the techs to make sure his VR mech training would emphasize his skills.

After lunch, everyone went in for VR mech training. The top of the class were picked to run a real mechsuit course the next day against Bravo platoon.

That night, before lights-out, Mac paid a visit to Lt. Blaine and asked him to glue the Bravo platoon pin on the top of the flagpole.He agreed to do it for payment, which she got from the booze stash in their barracks,with Lani’s permission.

Isabella was picked for fire watch. While on duty, several members of Bravo platoon grabbed her, knocked her out, and took her to a far off storage shed to beat up on her. She managed to survive their beating and escape back to the barracks, where she woke Mac up.

Mac got Lani and Kyra up to go with her to teach Bravo a lesson. Kip woke up, attempted to dissuade them and went to the Sgt’s barracks.

Mac waited until she thought the others were asleep and went out, Kyra following. Mac found Keghart and two of his Bravo cronies. She tells him to stop one last time and threatens him. Kyra backing her up. They come to a truce – to save it for the competition.

Kip wakes up Sgt. Saunders and talks to her about getting better RV training pods.

The next morning, Mac tells Charlie platoon about the truce, just before remembering what happened to the Bravo platoon pin. The whole base is there. Sgt. Saunders is pissed and comes over to ask who did it. Mac speaks up, but Isabella claims it was her, so does Kyra. Sgt. Saunders rolls her eyes. She names Lani platoon leader and Kip fire watch leader. She reprimands Mac, saying if she weren’t so insubordinate she could be leader.

The top 6 of Charlie suit up for the mechsuit challenge – Capture the flag. Bravo has 6 members, Charlie has 6 members. Bravo has the flag. It’s Charlie platoon’s duty to get the flag back across the start line. The less mechs they loose, the better the score.

Together they devise a plan of attack. Kip & Isabelle will sneak in to gather intel and report it back. Kyra and Mac will be main fighters. Lani and Dimitri will sniper. When they determine the strengths, Isabelle returns to the group. Kip takes cover to wait. Kyra, Mac and Isabelle attack the flag stronghold and defeat 5 of the mechs. Mac grabs the flag and runs. Kip reports 1 ran and 4 more are coming in. Mac diverts away from Kip and leads the pursuing mechs into an ambush where Kyra, Isabelle, Lani and Dimitri flank them. Mac heads to Kip and hands off the flag. He runs straight for the line, when six more mechs are spotted inbound.

The rest of the platoon take on the newcomers as Kip gets the flag over the line and wins. Charlie platoon suffered no losses, while Charlie platoon (all sixteen) are taken out.

As Charlie platoon is bussed back to the barracks, they see huge helicopters bringing in seven shiny new mechs. Sgt. Saunders says that their incentive has just arrived.

Episode 001: Welcome to Disappointment

Ep 001

Start with introduction to the characters getting off the planes and onto the bus at the town of Cottencreek heading to Camp MacDonald in western Australia. They meet Sgt. Saunders on the bus who explains that they are Charlie Platoon.

Get into Fort MacDonald (“Camp Disappointment”), heading to the barracks when Kip arrives, in his corporate helicopter. A couple of the new company steal some of the alcohol on the copter and smuggle it into the barracks.

There’s a brief confrontation with a smart ass grunt (Simmons) who pissed off the women with his attitude and got a busted nose for his trouble.

The company head to the Mess for lunch. They see that Bravo Platoon gets the best food, as they are the best Platoon on the base.Keghart from Bravo slaps the food out of Green’s hands because she’s Martian. A huge fight ensues. While it’s going on Mac grabs as much food for Charlie Platoon as possible. Sgt. Saunders breaks up the fight.

The platoon gets together and talk about beating Bravo to win the titans (and the good food). They go out onto the obstacle course (the Boneyard) late that night and test it out, to make sure everyone can pass it. Which everyone does the next morning.

Sgt. Saunders gives the Platoon a task – capture the Bullshit Cup from Bravo’s barracks. And if they can do it without Bravo’s knowledge, bonus. Mac comes up with a plan.

All of Charlie platoon (except for Kip, Sparky, Isabella and Mac) taunt Bravo into chasing them to the Boneyard. Kip, Isabella and Sparky search for the Cup, while Mac watches the door. They find the cup. They leave nasty perfume all over everyone’s clothes and sand in their bunks. Then they turn on the fire suppression system and leave.

At the Boneyard, Bravo surrounds Charlie platoon and it’s not looking good, when Dimitri shows up in the training Titan (the Hail Mary) and scares Bravo into running – flipping them the bird as they flee.

As the rest of Charlie come to the Boneyard and see Bravo running scared, Mac grabs Keghart and cold-cocks him, and because he’s the platoon leader, tells him that if Bravo attacks Charlie again, she will bury the offender. Sparky gives Mac the nickname “SK” for Serial Killer.


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