Humanity Isn’t Finished Yet…

Humanity is under siege from an enormous threat, but they have risen to the challenge. New Titan squads are being built and deployed every day, both Earthside and off-world. Though humanity has not eradicated its internal conflicts — Martian vs. Earthbound, human vs. clone, military vs. corporate — they have come together to fight a common enemy that knows no mercy.

Life in 2113 is hard, but beyond the horror and pain of the 00 attacks, life has progressed. Many major diseases are now a thing of the past, thanks to stem cell research and cloning. Recycling and repurposing has become a necessity and a way of life. 3D printing has reduced the need for centralized manufacturing centers, and made small luxuries easier to come by away from the major urban centers. Biotech and cybertech modifications are common for soldiers and corporate security. Interplanetary travel and life away from Earth is an accepted reality. Titan pilots are held in high esteem and treated with respect and sometimes adoration.

But there is always the war. [More Background]

Titan Blur is a game of giant robot vs. giant monster action in the vein of Pacific Rim, using the Apotheosis Drive X / Fate Core rules.

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